Bovis Transfert

Machinery geometry

Traditional geometry, laser, ballbar, or other

Géométrie Ballbar Groupe BOVISTraditional geometry

  • Runout control
  • Parallelism and perpendicularity control of surfaces by displacement of the axes


Ballbar geometry

  • Measurement of variations in radius on a programmed dynamic circularity

Géométrie Ballbar Groupe BOVIS

Laser geometry

  • Linear positioning
  • Angle measurement (yaw and roll) and flatness
  • Measuring of rotary axes, partial or 360° rotation
  • Straightness of the displacement, parallelism and squareness
  • Dynamic measurement, velocity, acceleration and drift

Measurement by Triangulation

  • Positionnement linéaire
  • Relevé d’altimétrie et de planéité avec instrument Théodolite