Bovis Transfert
  • Besançon Hospital transfer Besançon  Hospital transfer
  • Turnkey service Turnkey service
  • Supports of biomedical equipments and medical imaging Supports of biomedical equipments and medical imaging
  • Turnkey service Turnkey service
  • Careful local protection Careful local protection
  • Toulon Hospital transfer Toulon Hospital transfer
  • Operating theaters transfer Operating theaters transfer
  • Crest Hospital transfer Crest Hospital transfer

Hospital and clinic transfer


Transfert médical clé en mainApplications :

    • Hospitals
    • Clinics
    • Nursing homes - SSR
    • Psychiatric establishments
    • Radiology Centres
    • Biology Centres
    • Laboratories

Transfert médical clé en main

  • Medical Centres 

Turnkey transfer, specialized teams for each type of service:

    • Transfer of furniture and equipment from wards, surgeries and administrative departments
    • Handling of biomedical devices

Transfert de matériel de blocs opératoires Groupe BOVIS

  • Transfer of confidential medical records with on-going consultation
  • Transfer of computer hardware and servers
  • Transfer of operating theatre equipment and devices, with all sterile medical devices completely packaged to preserve their sterility
  • Transfer of delicate components: X-ray machines, autoclaves, laboratory PLCs, etc.
  • Transfer of office appliances: the kitchen, the self-service, the linen room, etc.
  • • Transfer of your pharmacy and your stocks of drugs, fluids and consumables, while allowing their availability for continuing the care of the patients.
  • Transfer without disrupting the cold chain of specific reagents and medications
  • Transfer of works of art and safety equipment (safes, etc.)






Some numbers

  • 250,000 m3 of furniture hauled each year
  • 20 complete laboratories hauled each year
  • 25 km of medical records hauled each year
  • 60% of the MRI market
  • 120 radiology rooms delivered or hauled each year
  • 90 scanners handled per year


Some references

Hôpital Européen in Marseille; Besançon CHRU; Crest Hospital; CHITS in Toulon; Hôpital Cognacq-Jay in Paris; HIA Ste Anne in Toulon