Bovis Transfert
  • Computer Transfer Computer Transfer
  • Transfer servers Transfer servers
  • Delivery of each computer station Delivery of each computer station

Transfer of workstations and servers

Taking full charge of hauls with our specialised partners.


Transfert informatique


Applications : 

  • Assistance with main contracting
  • Assistance with project management
  • Disconnection / Reconnection
  • User moving
  • Data Centre transfer



Transfert de serveurs

  • Expertise in transfer of IT equipment, server racks, modular servers, UC servers, UPS of all types and weights, all types of screen (geodes, etc.).
  • Transfer with specific and appropriate means, computer cages, appropriate trucks, suitable lifting kits for the sensitivity of the equipment carried.
  • Ability to work in computer rooms of all classes, Class 100 accreditation for cleanrooms for example.
  • Mechanical dismantling of servers in their racks.
  • Carrying of server racks in the arms of workmen or with a crane arm through a window when access constraints may require it.